Submission Terms

Premium Business Directory has provided many options for your link placement that will greatly aid you in your website advertisement.
Internal site listings are only for additional internal pages of your website such as your products and services. You may give a complete description for each additional link. If your site has a blog or articles section that has an rss feed, you may also submit the link to the feed which will display on your links details page.
Please take time to choose the submission type that suits the type of advertising that you would like for your website and then make a quality submission for your site with a detailed description so users will see complete and accurate information about your website.

If your site is not accepted then your review fee will be refunded in full.

Fees collected are for our editors to review your site and for site upkeep, not for a guarenteed placement. Listings that are not accepted will be provided with a prompt full refund.

Sites not in English language must choose a regional category for their country or language.

You must submit an accurate title and description for your site.
Any submissions with inaccurate titles and descriptions or with keyword stuffing will be deleted.

We try to process your listing within 24 - 48 hours.

All submissions will be edited by a Premium Business Directory editor before they are placed in the directory. This includes, but is not limited to, changes to a listing's category, title, and description. Unrelated sites will not be accepted. This directory is to provide quality resources for our users.

If for any reason at a later date you wish to remove your listing, there will be a $5.00 charge for that service to have one of our editors find, review the reason for the removal request and remove the listing. Also due to possible misuse by others that may be trying to have your listing removed, we will only respond to requests from emails that are from the listing website url. This policy is to prevent fraud from others trying to get listings removed and there will be no exceptions at all. 

Premium Business Directory linking policy, and this agreement, may change at any time and without notice. Changes to the linking policy will be published on this web page.